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  1. Review the focus areas to make sure this covers your requirements.

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    2. Feedback For: This identifies who or what the feedback is for. Enter the:

      • Organization name (the who, i.e. XYZ Corporation).

      • Process name/title (the what, i.e. XYZ Covid-19 Response).

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      • Event name/title (the what, i.e. Management Training - Module 1).

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    • First email contains instructions on what to do before, during and after the survey.

    • Second email (the invitation) can be forwarded to any and all participants you wish to receive anonymous feedback from.

The Free Standard (5+ page) Report is a snapshot that shows how your results compare to other organizations (in a similar industry sector, where available).

The Extended (25+ page) Report details your results and is ideally suited for high-performance, growth-focused, or change-enabled organizations. Extended Report cost is based on the number of responses, not the number of invitations sent.


About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

About Kliic


We believe all people and organizations have potential and our job is to get you there.

We Help You:

  1. Ask the right questions,

  2. Interpret responses,

  3. Understand meaning,

  4. Translate insight into positive action,

  5. Achieve goals.

We Are:

  1. An On-Line Platform - Feedback is collected remotely and instantly reported.

  2. Safe & Secure - Feedback is anonymized and does not contain any personal identifiers (name, email, etc).

  3. Easy to Use - We take care of it all, so it's easy for you to get the feedback you need when you need it.

  4. Cost Effective - Get more and spend less, that's how we maximize your Return on Investment.













We bring expertise in:

  1. Understanding Competency Frameworks

    • A robust competency framework is the glue that holds talent management programs, organizational goals, and stratetigic initiatives together.

  2. Supporting your Brand

    • Our platform is your platform. Expand and enhance your services where and when you need to.

  3. Maximizing R.O.I. through Feedback

    • Measurement is the ultimate path to demonstrating value and supporting R.O.I. Find out:

      1. Which training initiatives bring the most value to the organization,

      2. If the learning goals connect to the strategic goals,

      3. If the training investment made a meaningful contribution to the organization,

      4. If training was effective,

      5. If training focused on the right areas.






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