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Feedback for Personal or Professional Growth

Assessments - Standard

Whether it's for Personal Self-Development, an Annual Performance Review, or for a Career Promotion, feedback is the key to growth.

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Helping Individuals, Teams, & Organizations reach their Potential!


Feedback is a great way to get insight into your potential strength and areas for growth. Whether it's feedback for Senior Leadership, Mid-Level Management, Emerging Leaders, Sales Staff, Individual Life Skills, or any other Interpersonal Skill - Kliic gives you real-time, need-specific, and affordable feedback when you need it.

Good feedback supports:

  1. Individuals to self-develop in areas most important in their personal and professional life.

  2. Managers and Executives to develop talent, prepare future leaders, and improve sales staff performance.

  3. Coaches and Therapists to focus individuals on the areas most critical for their growth.

  4. Oragnizations to improve efficiency, increase performance, and to become world class industry leaders.

  1. Choose the type of feedback your would like to receive (i.e. Leadership, Sales, Relationship) and click Start.

  2. Review the focus areas of the assessment to make sure it covers the most relevant areas for you. If not, simply choose another more appropriate assessment.

  3. Select the Click to Begin Assessment button and add the following information:

    1. Contact Information - Your first name, last name and email address are required as the final report will only be available to you through your email address.

  4. Click the Start Now button to receive your invitation to begin. Note: You will receive 2 emails:

    1. The first email contains instructions on how you can complete the Self-Assessment portion.

    2. The second email can be forwarded to others (i.e. staff, friends, managers, colleagues, peers, clients, etc.) - they will be able to anonymously provide feedback on your behalf. All responses will remain anonymous within your final reports.

The Standard Personal Report is Complimentary (FREE). It summarizes your results and shows your strengths, opportunities and how you compare to others who are in a similar role, capacity or situation as yourself.

An Extended Personal Report is also available. This 25+ page report details all of your results, qualitative feedback (written comments), benchmark comparables, developmental support actions, and resources. It is ideally suited for professional development, high-performance organizations, and individuals focused on personal growth and self-development. The cost for the Extended Report is based on the number of responses you get, not the number of invitations sent.

All Standard Reports are Complimentary - Try one today!

Success Predictor Evaluation
Discover: Ever wonder what it takes to be successful in business, your career, or life? Discover the strengths and opportunities that can help you reach your goals faster.
Focus Areas Covered: 17
Information Technology Security Evaluation
Discover: Does your current or potential new staff have the skills necessary to deliver continuous prevention, protection, detection and mitigation of threats to your Information Technology (IT) systems?
Focus Areas Covered: 8
Assertiveness Assessment
Discover: Are you assertive? What are your challenge areas? Learn how to improve your assertiveness in ways that promote equality within your interpersonal relationships.
Focus Areas Covered: 6
Interpersonal Skills
Communication Skills Evaluation
Discover: How easy is it for you to understand and be understood in your communication interaction with others. Find out how good you really are.
Focus Areas Covered: 5
Interpersonal Skills
Emotional Intelligence (EI) Assessment
Discover: Your ability to understand, use, and manage your emotions is essential to personal and professional success. How good are you at it?
Focus Areas Covered: 4
Interpersonal Skills
Presentation Skills Evaluation
Discover: Are you as good of a presenter as you think you are? Find out how you might be able to improve on your presenting skills!
Focus Areas Covered: 5
Interpersonal Skills
Time Management Evaluation
Discover: Are you able to accomplish what you need to when you need to? Test your Time Management Skills and find out how your score.
Focus Areas Covered: 5
Interpersonal Skills
Executive Leadership Assessment
Discover: What does it take to be in a high level leadership role? Find out the unique skills, abilities and attitudes necessary for success at the executive level.
Focus Areas Covered: 19
Manager Leadership Assessment
Discover: Are you progressing in your leadership career? What do successful leaders say, think and do that enables them to continue their leadership careers.
Focus Areas Covered: 24
Couples Relationship Assessment
Discover: Is your personal relationship the way you dreamed it to be? Find out where it is strong and the areas that might help you improve it.
Focus Areas Covered: 9
Relationship Skills
Sales Excellence Evaluation
Discover: Sales excellence is a multi-faceted skill set. Do you have what it takes to acquire new prospects, forge long-term relationships, and building lasting success?
Focus Areas Covered: 22
Sales Skills

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Protecting your privacy is central to what we do. Outside of your own personalized reports, your personal information is never shared with anyone - period!

Our principles are simple, straightforward and always available.

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