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How to use this Privacy

  1. Review the focus areas to make sure this covers your requirements.

  2. Select Begin Survey and add the following information:

    1. Contact Information - Final reports will only be available through your email address.

    2. Feedback For: Identifies who or what the feedback is for. Enter the:

      • Organization - the who, i.e. XYZ Corporation.

      • Process - the what, i.e. XYZ Covid-19 Response.

      • Group - the who, i.e. XYZ Corp's Sr. Leadership Team.

      • Event - the what, i.e. Management Training Program - Module 1.

  3. Click Start Now to receive the invitation to begin. You will receive 2 emails:

    • Email 1 contains instructions on what to do before, during and after the survey.

    • Email 2 is the invitation which can be forwarded to any participants you wish to receive anonymous feedback from.

Available Reports Include:

The Free Snapshot Summary (1 page) Report highlights your results by individual component, group/focus areas, and by target range.

The Free Standard (5+ page) Report compares your results against other organizations (in a similar industry sector, where available) and provides score details on each focus area covered.

The Extended Report details your results and is ideally suited for high-performance, growth-focused, or change-enabled organizations.

The Raw Data Report details the raw responses and is ideally suited for organizations looking to do a more detailed, focused, or multipoint analysis.


Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is Important to Us

Privacy and Data Protection Principles


Kliic.com has created this Privacy Policy Statement in order to inform you of our commitment to privacy and to describe our policies for the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information that may be collected by Kliic.com when you visit our website or use certain Kliic.com products. Your visits to our website will be governed by the privacy policies herein.

    Our Core Privacy Principles Include:

  1. Purpose of Use: We access, analyse or otherwise use data for the purposes consistent with the mandate of supporting individual and organizational excellence.

  2. Right to Use: We access, analyze or otherwise use data that has been obtained by lawful and fair means, including, where appropriate, with the knowledge or consent of the individual whose data may be used.

  3. Purpose Compatibility: We ensure (to the extent possible) that all of the data we use for report purposes is adequate, relevant, and not excessive in relation to the legitimate and fair purposes for which the data was obtained.

  4. Individual Privacy: We do not knowingly or purposefully access, analyse, or otherwise use personal data, which was shared by an individual with a reasonable expectation of privacy without the knowledge or consent of the individual.

  5. Core Data: All response data collected is structured as de-identified data and we make all reasonable efforts to prevent any unlawful and unjustified re-identification.

  6. Data Security: We ensure reasonable and appropriate technical and organizational safeguards are in place to prevent unauthorised disclosure or breach of data.

  7. Data Sensitivity: We employ strict standards of care while collecting, analysing and reporting on any data we use.

  8. Data Minimization: We ensure that all data collected or used is limited to the minimum necessary for the purpose assigned.

  9. Data Retention: We ensure that all data collected and used is stored only as long as is necessary or for the necessary duration and that any retention of it is justified. Clients have the option to request the deletion of any requests made on our system (i.e. client requests for assessments, surveys, or request for feedback of any kind) at any time.

  10. Data Quality and Accountability: We design, carry out, and provide reports for individual and client specific activities with the highest degree of accuracy and openness possible.

  11. Email Notifications and Consent: We make every effort to minimize any unnecssary email contact between Kliic and clients. Any contact we make is typically limited to providing updates on client requests, providing access to reports, sending updates on new and/or important information that may affect a client's access to the Kliic system, identifying support resources that may be beneficial for individual and/or organizational development, or (as may be necessary from time to time) to provide any other type of contact or notification necessary to support our clients.






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