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How to use this Customized

  1. Review the focus areas to make sure this covers your requirements.

  2. Select Begin Survey and add the following information:

    1. Contact Information - Final reports will only be available through your email address.

    2. Feedback For: Identifies who or what the feedback is for. Enter the:

      • Organization - the who, i.e. XYZ Corporation.

      • Process - the what, i.e. XYZ Covid-19 Response.

      • Group - the who, i.e. XYZ Corp's Sr. Leadership Team.

      • Event - the what, i.e. Management Training Program - Module 1.

  3. Click Start Now to receive the invitation to begin. You will receive 2 emails:

    • Email 1 contains instructions on what to do before, during and after the survey.

    • Email 2 is the invitation which can be forwarded to any participants you wish to receive anonymous feedback from.

Available Reports Include:

The Free Snapshot Summary (1 page) Report highlights your results by individual component, group/focus areas, and by target range.

The Free Standard (5+ page) Report compares your results against other organizations (in a similar industry sector, where available) and provides score details on each focus area covered.

The Extended Report details your results and is ideally suited for high-performance, growth-focused, or change-enabled organizations.

The Raw Data Report details the raw responses and is ideally suited for organizations looking to do a more detailed, focused, or multipoint analysis.


Customized Surveys and Assessments

Customize the Feedback to Match your Organizational Goals, Needs, and Key Performance Indicators

Customize your Surveys & Assessments for the Leadership, Staffing, Engagement, Sales, or User Experience feedback you need! You can use your existing Competency Framework (Competencies, Indicators, Questions, etc.) or ours. It's that easy!

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Flexibile, Affordable, Easy to Use


We make it easy to:


  1. Create - Start with an understanding of what to measure and how that insight will move you forward.

  2. Customize - Decide on exactly what focus areas, competencies, or aspects need to be measured.

  3. Personalize - Add your logo (branding) plus any personalized message in the invitation and final reports.


  1. Invite - Send the feedback invitations as soon as you are ready.

  2. Edit - Make changes an corrections to invitations as required.

  3. Support - Send immediate reminders to slow responders.


  1. Individual - Allow or restrict access to various aspects of all personal reports.

  2. Team - Consolidate the results in multiple ways (by Cohort, Division, Department, Group, etc.).

  3. Enterprise - Analyze results from multiple rater categories (Manager, Peer Group, Region, Division, etc.)

Your Privacy is Important to Us


Protecting your privacy is central to what we do. Outside of your own personalized reports, your personal information is never shared with anyone - period!

Our principles are simple, straightforward and always available.

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