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Feedback for Engagement, Change, or Process Improvement

Surveys - Standard

Whether it's an annual Engagement Survey, monthly Pulse Survey, or an Organizational Needs Review, meaningful data is key to effective decision-making.

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Helping You Measure What Matters Most!


Enterprise Surveys - An evidence-based method to support decision-making and best practices.

  1. Feedback from surveys are great predictors of future behavior (or future intent).

  2. Surveys provide employees, customers and stakeholders the chance to be and feel heard.

  3. Any action taken in response to survey feedback becomes a powerful vehicle for changing behavior.

Organizational Needs Review - A systematic process of identifying and evaluating needs to support:

  1. Training Initiatives - Ensuring the right training is undertaken.

  2. Change Implementations - Identifying implementation challenges before they occur.

  3. Strategic Goals - Tracking performance for key organizational metrics.

Pulse Surveys - Fast and frequent surveys that offer real-time, digestible data as to how:

  1. Staff feel about the current state of the organization or progress on key iniatitives.

  2. Customers feel about your product or services.

  3. Stakeholders feel about the organizational leadership team.

  1. Choose any survey from below (i.e. Employee Engagement, Training Needs Review, Level 1 Training Evaluation Survey, etc.) and click Start.

  2. Review the focus areas of the survey to make sure it covers the most relevant areas for your requirements. If not, simply choose a more appropriate survey.

  3. Select the Click to Begin Survey button and add the following information:

    1. Contact Information - Your first name, last name and email address are required as the final report will only be available to you through your email address.

    2. Organization - Enter the organization name or title of the Process, Group, or Initiative (who or what) is to be evaluated (i.e. XYZ Corp, XYZ's Sr. Leadership Team).

  4. Click the Start Now button to receive your invitation to begin. Note: You will receive 2 emails:

    1. The first email is your confirmation for the request and it contains instructions on what you should do before, during and after the survey.

    2. The second email (participant invitation) can be forwarded to others internal (i.e. executive team, management, general staff, operational teams) or external (i.e. clients, suppliers, other stakeholders) participants. All responses will remain anonymous within any final reports.

The Standard Survey Report is Complimentary (FREE). It summarizes the feedback results for your Organization, Process, Group, or Initiative (the who or what was evaluated) and shows the areas of strength, opportunity for growth, and comparison to other organizations (in a similar industry sector, where available).

An Extended Survey Report is also available. This 25+ page report provides extensive details of your feedback results by respondent category, favorability ratings (by focus area and individual question), respondents qualitative feedback (written comments), benchmark comparables, and more. It is ideally suited for high-performance, growth-focused, or change-enabled organizations. The cost of the Extended Report is based on the number of responses you get, not the number of invitations sent.

All Standard Reports are Complimentary - Try one today!

COVID-19 Organizational Survey
Discover: How do your people feel about your COVID-19 response? Find out now what's needed to keep them fully engaged.
Focus Areas Covered: 8
Employee Engagement Survey
Discover: How is your organization doing? Are you world-class, average, or somewhere else? Find out how all your stakeholders feel about your organization.
Focus Areas Covered: 26
Engagement Pulse Survey - Benefits/Work
Discover: How are Compensation and Benefits perceived in your organization? Find out how your people feel about it.
Focus Areas Covered: 7
Engagement Pulse Survey - Development
Discover: How is staff development in your organization? Find out how your staff feel about career development and their commitment level.
Focus Areas Covered: 4
Engagement Pulse Survey - Environment
Discover: What is the overall environment like at your organization? Find out if your stakeholders like what your organization offers.
Focus Areas Covered: 9
Engagement Pulse Survey - Relationships
Discover: How are relationships in your organization? Find out how your stakeholders feel about collaboration in your organization.
Focus Areas Covered: 6
Organizational Training Needs Analysis
Discover: What type of training, coaching, or skills enhancement does the organization need?
Focus Areas Covered: 24
Needs Analysis
Level 1 Training Evaluation Survey
Discover: How effective was the recent training seminar, event/course, or program?
Focus Areas Covered: 5

Tools to Support Talent, Staffing, Client Experience, Sales and Engagement.

Kliic gives you the power and flexibility to customize your surveys on the fly!

  1. Design and Build

      Personalize your surveys to target your unique business needs in real-time.

  2. Manage and Administer

      Retain complete control over every aspect of the administrative process!

  3. Report and Analyze

      Review and analyze multiple reports to gain insight to support decision-making.

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