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How to use this Invest

  1. Review the focus areas to make sure this covers your requirements.

  2. Select Begin Survey and add the following information:

    1. Contact Information - Final reports will only be available through your email address.

    2. Feedback For: Identifies who or what the feedback is for. Enter the:

      • Organization - the who, i.e. XYZ Corporation.

      • Process - the what, i.e. XYZ Covid-19 Response.

      • Group - the who, i.e. XYZ Corp's Sr. Leadership Team.

      • Event - the what, i.e. Management Training Program - Module 1.

  3. Click Start Now to receive the invitation to begin. You will receive 2 emails:

    • Email 1 contains instructions on what to do before, during and after the survey.

    • Email 2 is the invitation which can be forwarded to any participants you wish to receive anonymous feedback from.

Available Reports Include:

The Free Snapshot Summary (1 page) Report highlights your results by individual component, group/focus areas, and by target range.

The Free Standard (5+ page) Report compares your results against other organizations (in a similar industry sector, where available) and provides score details on each focus area covered.

The Extended Report details your results and is ideally suited for high-performance, growth-focused, or change-enabled organizations.

The Raw Data Report details the raw responses and is ideally suited for organizations looking to do a more detailed, focused, or multipoint analysis.


Partnership Opportunities

Resellers, Distributors, Innovators, and Investors

Partnering with us is about Helping People to be Their Best


Are you an Innovator with an idea for a new Assessment or Survey? Let's build it!

  1. You bring the experience, industry knowledge, and insight.

  2. Kliic brings the platform, tools, and technology.

  3. Together We Win by helping individuals and organizations change, grow, and improve!

Join us to support:

  1. Individual Self-Development and Performance Athletes

  2. Executive Leaders, HR Teams and Training Departments

  3. Educators, Trainers and Training Organizations

  4. Professional Services Consultants, Recruiters and Placement Organizations

  5. Coaches, Therapists and Wellness Practitioners

  6. Anyone Who Wants to Make a Meaningful and Positive Difference

$90 Billion


Annual US Company Expenditure
on Training Related
Products and Services

$13 Billion


Annual Size of the
Self-Improvement Market
in the USA



US billionaires are Self-Made



Cost To Talk
About the Opportunity

Innovation Is What Drives Our Value Proposition


  1. Speed - Within minutes you can get the data you need when you need it.

  2. Simplicity - You don't have to be the expert anymore - that's our job, our team becomes your team.

  3. Customization - Personalize your data requests and find out exactly what you need to know - everytime!

  4. Cost - For a tiny fraction of your previous budget you can collect real-time data as often as you need.

  5. Flexibility - Change, tweak, adjust any time you need, and as often as you need - it's all hassle free!

We Enable Organizations to:

  1. Overcome Increased Competition - Assess, develop, and retain talent in a competitive environment.

  2. Maintain Growth While Reducing Cost - Improve productivity, efficiency, and efficacy.

  3. Adapt to a Rapidly Changing World - Help staff embrace, support and champion change.






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